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We are always getting inspired with new flavors and designs at The Popcorn Factory.

Our new products are filled with delicious gourmet popcorn and goodies that make the perfect gift ideas for any occasion. You’ll always find just what you’re looking for when you shop our What’s New collection.

Day of the Dead Grand Sampler
From 22.99
Fall Into Autumn Popcorn Tins
34.99 - 54.99
SALE  27.99 - 43.99
Happy Halloween Deluxe Popcorn Tins
From 59.99
Day of the Dead Gift Box
From 32.99
Creative Color 2 Gallon Popcorn Tin
From 39.99
Happy Halloween Party Box
SALE  23.99
Halloween Potions Snack Assortment
From 39.99
Day of the Dead Popcorn Tins
From 39.99
Halloween Potions Popcorn Tins
From 34.99
Halloween Potions Grand Sampler
From 32.99
TPF Retro Popcorn Tin
From 34.99
Laugh Out Loud Set of 3 Gift Boxes
From 24.99
Set of 2 Football Field Scoop Boxes
From 24.99
Apple Box Sampler
From 19.99
Extreme Survival Kit Popcorn Tin
From 54.99
Up All Night Popcorn Sampler
From 49.99
Big Movie Scoop Snack Assortment
From 35.99
Laugh Out Loud Deluxe Snack Assortment
From 54.99
Laugh Out Loud Popcorn Tins
From 39.99
Laugh Out Loud Grand Sampler
SALE  27.99
Baby Blocks Tower
From 49.99
Smiley Dot Popcorn Tin
From 34.99
Smiley Dot Jumbo Sampler
From 49.99
Smiley Dot Sampler
From 32.99
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